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"...I highly recommend Lisa for before you try and get pregnant to prepare your body and during your pregnancy. Lisa is a expert at all things fertility and you will be so glad you joined up for her course and I suspect your future little baby will be very happy to:) ..."

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***2018 Intermediate Junior 1 Assessment August 25-26***

We are in need of student volunteers to participate in a FREE 40 minute class so teachers can be assessed on their teaching ability in hopes of passing the next level of assessment.


Requirements to be a Student Volunteer:

-Must have at least 1 year of regular Iyengar Yoga practice, ideally level 2 students and above for this level of assessment

-No injuires or physical conditions that would prevent you from doing whatever pose is called

-No pregnant or menstruating women (as some poses are contraindicated for those phases of life)

-Must be able to attempt the poses on the Intermediate Junior 1 list (available at the front desk for refrence).


If you fit these requirements please speak with someone at the front desk. The two dates are listed above. The first one being a practice assessment for local teachers going up this year and the latter being the actual assessment that will be hosted at IYCD.


Please speak to someone at the front desk if you have any questions or would like to sign up and help! Specifics about the process and times are available at the front desk.


Thank you for your help in carrying on the Iyengar Tradition through being a student volunteer so teachers can advance and increase their standard of teaching!

Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver offers:

  • Traditional hatha yoga taught in the Iyengar tradition, thanks to the guiding light of BKS Iyengar
  • Ways to use yoga to relieve physical ailments and stress
  • Well trained instructors committed to providing a positive yoga experience, with well honed observation and correction skills to help create an optimal pose, including the use of props to assist learning and advance accurate alignment
  • No Glitz, No Glamor,  It's all about the yoga!!